Born in Sao Paulo capital, I started doing graffiti in the rather traditional way. It did not take long though, until I felt the need to create drawings that resembled the people living in my neighbourhood (black-skinned people), since they were not being appreciated or represented in any other way. I put this need into action and people saw me painting in the streets, stopped to have a chat or sometimes just watched my work. But even simple looks became a means of communication and perception. We approached each other more and more, exchanged personal experiences and I started to understand more about the peoples’ feelings, desires, problems and interests. Becoming aware of this was decisive for the development of my work. It woke an ambition in me that went far beyond the aim to exhibit my works and to create pieces of art that please critics. It is much more than that: I desire to transform the peoples’ realities that make part of my own reality through artistic interventions and to create a society. alexandreketo@gmail.com

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